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John Reese/Jim Caviezel Appreciation Post - My Gifs.

John Reese’s adorable gorgeous beautiful face.

From Person Of Interest Protheus [2.17], part 2.

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Its one of the rare summer days where its actually pretty cool out so I opened my door to let the air in.


Jim Caviezel / Michael Emerson - Person of Interest S01E08

Finch:”What if you miss?”

Reese:”I wouldn’t know, I never have.”


Logan is shown dying from poorly masked jealousy during the short meeting with Finch and Reese. While he is all about Reese, he’s visibly rude* and scornful to Finch. First off all, Pierce, in fact, talks to Reese, although it is Finch that talks to him. He constantly tries to engage Reese into…


By Astolat. Rinch.

"We’re not looking to make friends, Harold," John said. "We want our neighbors to classify us and then avoid us. Being the scandalous gay couple down the street is a good option."

Someone once said that the only way POI would get a happy ending is if the powers that be bought the rights to this and made it canon. It’s not a syrupy fix it, but it’s a nicer conclusion than I can imagine them getting on the show.

Also I kept remembering John assembling his arsenal on the kitchen table during class and it was much more entertaining than the lecture.


Imagine your OTP going to the movies together… Oh wait I don’t have to because it happened in canon on two of my favorite shows!

Person of Interest: Proteus
Due South: Say Amen


Being rude to Harold is unforgivable sin. Retribution may include corporal punishment


From the POI Panel discussion

Question from Audience Member:  
Do you think that if they kill off either Finch or Reese, either Root or Shaw would take their place or would the Team just kind of fall apart?
(Michael cringes and ducks his head.  Jim continuously points at Michael to answer the question, covers his face, pulls out his sunglasses and covers his face.  Lots of laughing and smiling from everyone.  Michael says…):  
I never want to have that conversation. I’m so sorry. Have you come here to spoil my day?  No, I’m just teasing you. That’s an interesting question.  But I think we all have to proceed with the idea that for dramatic purposes, we are all expendable. 


Learning about a number, the quick way, is a fairly straightforward affair. Break into their house, hack the computer and copy their files, rifle through the mail, look under the mattress and the back of the underwear drawer, dig through all the neatly hung things in the front of the closet to find the neatly hidden things on the upper shelves.

Reese had a pretty good idea of what he’d find in this number’s closet as soon as he jimmied the lock and entered the high-rise condo. “Finch, did you dig anything else up on our Harding Weber?” Reese asked as he stole into the quiet of deep plush carpet and thickly upholstered furniture. Burgundy and gold and dark wood bookcases where most people might store leather bound first editions, but not Weber.

“Nothing beyond what I gave you earlier. It seems Mr. Weber has lived a quiet life on his inheritance. No society page listings, no scandals, not even a traffic ticket.”

Reese listened as he continued past the bookcases and through the condo to what should have been a den or entertainment room, but, to Weber’s custom instruction, had been reimagined as an elaborate dressing room with a grand three way mirror and several outfits, some hanging, still freshly bagged from the dry cleaners, others, in various states of composition laid out across a low divan.

“I don’t think Weber is much for the high society set. “ Reese murmured into the earpiece as he read the cleaning tag. “See if your machine can find anything on ‘Montana Cherrybomb’.”

“Excuse me?”


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